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Zero Calorie Premium Sweetener
Zero Calorie Premium Sweetener
Zero Calorie Premium Sweetener
Zero Calorie Premium Sweetener

    Zero Calorie Premium Sweetener


    A zero-calorie blend of plant-based ingredients, Monk Fruit and Non-GMO Erythritol. Our Premium Sweetener cooks, bakes and sweetens just like real sugar, so you can use it as a safe 1:1 sugar substitute. It works great in everyday baking and dissolves quickly in hot or cold beverages. TruEats Premium Sweetener is:

    • Glycemic
      Low Glycemic
    • Diabetic
      Diabetic Friendly
    • Keto
      Keto Friendly
    • Gluten Free
      Gluten Free
    • Vegan
      Plant-Based & Vegan
    • Dairy Free
      Dairy Free
    • Soy Free
      Soy Free
    • GMO Free
      GMO Free


    Erythritol, Monk Fruit Extract, Natural Flavors

    Nutrition Facts



    Allergy Info

    • Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, and soy.
    • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    No More Trade-Offs, No Compromise

    Enjoy the foods you love again!


    Erythritol is a naturally occurring sweetener that has no calories per serving. It is a safe sugar alternative that’s Diabetic-Friendly because it does not impact blood glucose or insulin secretion. Erythritol is also good for teeth and contributes to oral health, unlike refined sugar that can cause tooth decay.

    TruEats Premium Sweetener
    TruEats Premium Sweetener

    Monk Fruit

    Monk Fruit is a small, round fruit native to southern China that has been used for centuries in Easern medicine to help blood sugar management. Monk Fruit gets its sweetness from natural compounds called mogrosides, which are anti-inflammatory and keep blood sugar levels stable. Naturally sweet, Monk Fruit has no calories, carbs, or fat.

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